13 May 2009

ketiadaan pekerjaan~~

1. Have you ever been in love?
+ i am now :))
2. How do you know its love?
+ its lyke a weird2 feel laa..
3. What makes you fall?
+ aisseh. everything! jatuh longkang suda.. hehee :D
4. What if your girlfriend/boyfriend is a bad kisser?
+ hehe. doesnt matter. we'll get over it. haha.
5. What turns you on (at 1st sight)?
+ sikapnya sendiri. hehe.
6. Are you the jealous type?
+ yes. I am . . (u know why..)
7. Body or brains?
+ Die got boths!
8. Do looks matter?
+ not really..
9. What turns you off?
+ bebelling..
10. The perfect date?
+ movie, shops . . hugs n kisses. weee :)
11. What do you have that will make a person fall for you?
+ erm.? tnya dia. :)
12. Do you still believe in courtship?
+ ape toh sy xtau. bodoh english.
13. Flowers or chocolates?
+ we're chocolates lovers!
14. Kiss on the first date?
+ tidaklah.
15. Sex on the first date?
+ weyh, tidak juge!
16. What would you do if you find out that your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on you?
+ ... remain silence.
17. Have you ever cheated on someone?
+ em. last time.
18. Fling or long term relationship?
+ long term i prefer.
19. What do you think of holding hands in public?
+ orait.
20. What do you think of kissing in public?
+ oyy, xde bilik kaa??
21. What if your girlfriend/boyfriend is a smoker?
+ emmm.. i kill you, u kill me.
22. Ever fell in love with your girlfriend?
+ emm.. a frend or a girlfrend?huhu..
23. What would a girl/guy have to do to win your heart?
+ love me for who i am. :)
24. love song?
+ love story
25. sad love song?
+ adehh...... x suke..


Nazrul Azwan said...

dr mna ko cari soklan xbley blah ni..haha..

semOtijao~~ said...

aku kn peneliti soalan..
byk lg soklan..
tp malas nk post..
nnt aku wat aku tag ko ea??
ko wat taw??